To bail or not to bail

To bail or not to bail
Tube+220lbs+15ft of air=big splash!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


In one of my previous posts, I said that when pushed too far, I will fight back. Well, it seems as though I have finally reached that point. And I feel very calm and confident that no matter what the outcome, I will begin to move on. Not just forward, but on with my life. The bigger, better me is just waiting to burst out. So it's about time I let him free. I now realize that in trying to recapture what I thought I had, I am wasting all the great things I have to offer. I am sorry for those who had me in their life but chose a lesser path. I'm not saying I am the right path, I am saying that there are those who, through their own actions, have gone in a direction that I am not willing to go. I am better then that, and I know it. To err is human, but to let others choices effect my life negatively is unacceptable. It is time I go after what I want in life, not what others want for me. I already have a goal, and a gameplan, so now comes the hard part. Sticking to it and getting it. And I will get it. All of it. Just you watch me. goodnight

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